Dear visitor, feel very welcome to my website. Here I will present you some of my Art. I draw mainly birds and nature-motives, but I specialized on Featherpaintings. What`s that supposed to mean? Well, I use real feathers and paint on them with acrylics. If you want to do somethig like this, you have to make sure that you are allowed to own these feathers in your country. If you want to paint on a raptors feather, you`d need a CITES certification. For the paintings that I am going to publish here, I have these certifications.


About me:

I am from Germany and currently working on my PhD project about the migration of European robins. Since I was very young, birds fascinated me more than anything else. After school I worked as a volunteer at a bird rescue center and I also worked in Canada at a similar center. In Costa Rica I worked as a research assistant. In winter 2015/16 I spend my time in Colombia, studying hummingbirds. One project of the research is a hummingbird-guide for each station, drawn by me. You will be able to see some of that work on this side :) Since autumn 2017 I am part of the new European Bird Breeding Atlas project (EBBA 2) and I contributed some bird illustrations to this great project (for more information, visit their website: http://www.ebba2.info/). Since 2021 I am a member of the Artists for conservation.

My profile for Artists for Conservation